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Modern Architecture in Lebanon: Khashokji Mosque (11/12)

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Khashokji Mosque


Assem Salam

This is a meaningful modern contribution to mosque architecture.

The design consists of two parts.

The first is an enclosed space of prayer, dressed with sandstone, framed by freestanding concrete columns, and capped with a complex concrete shell made of folded planes, a modern interpretation of the dome. The second is an adjacent outdoor space, surrounded by arched galleries and covered by a concrete slab carried by diagonal beams suggesting an arabesque motif. Surprisingly, the arches are perpendicular to the main elevation facing the Pine Forest, whereas one expects them to participate in the façade. Instead, they offer to the street their profile, reduced here to a simple post.

An unadorned square minaret dressed in sandstone completes the composition.

Khashokji Mosque a Ouzai minaret Arab Center for Architecture
Arab Center for Architecture
Khashokji mosque Ouzai galerie Arab Center for architecture
Arab Center for Architecture
khashokji ouzai arab center architecture
Arab Center for Architecture
Assem Salam
Assem Salam


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