About BLF

Banque Libano Francaise

Banque Libano-Française is one of the leading banks in Lebanon established in 1967. While it has historically been a commercial bank, the Bank has diversified its activities and currently provides banking services in five principal areas: commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, private banking and correspondent banking. Banque Libano-Française operates today in Lebanon through a network of 61 branches in addition to 178 ATMs. The international footprint of BLF Group includes since 2006 Banque SBA (a French bank established in Paris, with a subsidiary in Cyprus) and its financial company LF Finance Suisse SA (Geneva). The Bank has also widened its presence in the Middle East by establishing a Representative Office in Abu Dhabi in 2009 and a branch in Baghdad, Iraq in 2013. BLF growing international network includes as well a Representative Office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Mission and Vision

Banque Libano-Française is a Lebanese, universal, highly performing bank, renowned for its professionalism and financial strength. We aim at being a leading player and a reference in the banking sector in Lebanon. We are committed to constantly developing our skills to ensure expertise and quality of service, and to maintain and strengthen the trust relationship with:

  • our clients who see us as a real partner,
  • our staff to whom we offer opportunities for self-accomplishment and a promising future,
  • the Lebanese banking sector by spearheading its drive towards sustainable growth,
  • the Lebanese economy towards the prosperity of which we are strongly committed.

In addition, we aim at creating shared value while supporting community needs and protecting the environment.


Banque Libano-Française maintains with its audience and stakeholders a partnership that relies on its five core values: