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BLF Headquarters International Architecture Competition – The Journey
The sustainability features of Banque Libano-Française new headquarters
Banque Libano-Française supports the Khalil Khoury showcase
Banque Libano-Française inaugurates the fence of its New Headquarters in Beirut
BLF Headquarters – The Faces of Mar Mikhaël through the lenses of ALBA students
Banque Libano-Française launches its New Headquarters International Architecture Competition
BLF Conference with International Architects
A glimpse at the architects’ visits to Lebanon – BLF New Headquarters International Competition
BLF conference: “The Future of Architecture through 3 Keywords by Barozzi Veiga, BIG & Snøhetta”
Norwegian-American architecture studio Snøhetta to build Banque Libano-Française New Headquarters