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Modern Architecture in Lebanon: Raja Saab Chalet

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Raja Saab Chalet


Ferdinand Dagher

This very singular structure resembling a flying saucer was built on the Mediterranean sea shore at a location named Acapulco Beach in Ouzai.

Arab Center for Architecture

Four elliptical columns widen as they rise to carry the cylindrical building.

Arab Center for Architecture

A minimalist spiral staircase at its core surrounded by a thin steel fence keeps the open view to the sea at the entrance level and leads to a ring-like landing that gives to the various rooms around.

Arab Center for Architecture

The furniture and lighting fixtures were designed by Jean Royère, a French designer who had opened a successful business in Beirut, producing furniture locally with a Lebanese partner, architect Nadim Majdalani.

Arab Center for Architecture

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  • Vivian

    is it possible to get the adresses of these buildings?

    July 22, 2019
  • Akram Rayess

    Whats the current status of this structure? was demolished?

    July 20, 2019
    • George Arbid

      It is still there, heavily disfigured

      July 22, 2019