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The Rehabilitation of the Massaad Stairs in Mar Mikhael

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The Massaad Stairs in Mar Mikhael are important for life in the neighbourhood. They connect several buildings to the main street and give Mar Mikhael residents easy access to the Saint Georges Hospital.

These stairs however, lack maintenance and cleaning, and are difficult to use by the elderly. With broken steps, lack of lighting and no side-ramp, the stairs have deteriorated progressively turning into a derelict and abandoned public space.

Rehabilitating the Massaad stairs to make them safer to use, improve the surroundings and provide residents with a pleasant public area adorned with greenery, will contribute to improving the quality of life in a neighbourhood that has been neglected for too long.

GAIA-heritage thus conceived the rehabilitation programme and secured its funding to restore and improve these stairs, turning a derelict area into an attractive and useful public space.

Design and supervision team: rabarchitects / [casaleganitos] Atelier d’architecture || Landscaping: Atelier Hamra, landscape architect


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  • Dr.Jean Kassabian

    On behalf of all the residents of the region a big thank to all of you.

    September 18, 2018