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Modern architecture in Lebanon: Saint-Georges Hotel (2/12)

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Saint-Georges Hotel


Poirrier, Lotte and Bordes with engineer-architect
Antoine Tabet as architect on site

Strategically located at the tip of the bay of Saint-Georges, this iconic hotel clearly bears the influence of Auguste Perret with its daring use of exposed concrete, rational structure and space organization. The modular plan skillfully adapts to the functional needs. The rooms are organized around an open-air courtyard under which is found the kitchen, located there to avoid the harsh sun while serving both the restaurant and the terraces outside. Hollowed concrete blocks in the balustrades and walls allow for maximum ventilation and view.
The massive reinforced concrete water tank displaying the hotel sign in relief was built from the start at roof level, taking into consideration the extension of the third and fourth floors that were added in 1946 by A. Tabet.

Saint George Hotel in the 30s
Saint-Georges Hotel Plan
Fouad El Khoury Archives


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